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Take a Run on the Wild Side with us!

Take part in a fun run like no other on May 27! Join Wildlife Warriors for Run on the Wild Side at Australia Zoo and get your heart beating for wildlife! This is your chance to run or walk through the Zoo at the crack of dawn, say G'day to some early-risers like the zebras, rhinos ...

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Animal Facts - Fact 13 Crocodilians

A male Saltwater Crocodile will live in a territory with several females. He will protect his territory from other inquisitive males and intruders.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Johnny Jett the Barn Owl

Age: Adult Sex: Unknown Weight: 350gms Found: Johnny Jett was found on a kitchen floor in Pacific Paradise, Queensland. He'd been trying to escape an attack from other birds when he flew into the house and hit the...

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Crocodile Timber Veneer Magnet

Laser Cut Fibreboard Magnet featuring a Crocodile family on holiday. Approx. 8cm x 6cm....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Katia the Slender-Tailed Meerkats

Quite literally the golden girl of the group, Katia has the most golden brown tinge through her fur, which is the easiest way to tell her apart. She has a sweet and obliging personality, and is the most likely to try and sucker her keepers in for an extra treat or two with her big round eyes and ...

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RT @russellcrowe: World Turtle Day #WorldTurtleDay Here is my advice, in your life, if you possibly can, make friends with a Turtle. You…

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