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The zoo's opening hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm daily and closed on Christmas Day.

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Top 10 Zoo Highlights

  • It was hard sticking to 10, but we've compiled a list of what we think are our Top Highlights for Australia Zoo's visitors! Do you agree?
  • 1. The Crocoseum - Are you ready for some serious wildlife action? Our keepers and their amazing animals will take you on a slithering, swooping, jaw-snapping adventure of epic proportions! Every day in the Crocoseum we are taking on the world's conservation issues and protecting the animal kingdom, and we want you to join our army of Wildlife Warriors
  • 2. Roo Heaven - A large, naturalistic home for our kangaroos, where you can hand-feed to your heart's content!
  • 3. Pat A Koala - Check out our Koala Walkthrough where you can pat one of our cuddly koalas
  • 4. Croc School - Learn all about Steve's croc research and his passion for these amazing reptiles
  • 5. Bindi's Bootcamp - Have a go at this kids! Explore Bindi's Bootcamp and test your skills on the challenges as seen on TV!
  • 6. Roving Wildlife - By jingo! Meet some of our roving animals throughout the Zoo, like our baby alligators, talking cockatoos and wombats!
  • 7. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital - Check out the state-of-the-art hospital, Australia's busiest wildlife hospital! Watch the team of vets save out precious wildlife
  • 8. Tigers - Wow! Visit the Tiger Temple, home to our maginificent Sumatran tigers, and catch a glimpse of them in action
  • 9. Africa - Explore the wide open plains of the African savannah and see our rhino, giraffe and zebra. You may even see our cheetah as they walk by!
  • 10. Bindi's Island Visit Bindi's Island, a tropical island paradise with ring-tailed lemurs roaming free amongst giant Aldabran tortoises, colourful macaws, an alligator snapping turtle and more! Explore Bindi’s three-storey treehouse on the island, which offers sweeping views of Australia Zoo.

What to Bring When Visiting Australia Zoo

Be Sun Smart
Queensland's sun can be quite fierce, even during winter, so remember to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
Rain Poncho
Queensland weather can often be unpredictable so it is advisable to bring a poncho or rain jacket to the Zoo.
A day at the Zoo can be very thirsty work, so make sure that you bring a water bottle with you. There are water fountains around the Zoo so that you can refill your bottle. We also sell bottled water at our foodcourt, kiosks, diner and beverage stands throughout the grounds.
Feel free to bring your own food and snacks to Australia Zoo. There are plenty of nice shady areas to enjoy a picnic lunch, so bring a blanket and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Or you can always take a seat in our Feeding Frenzy food court and enjoy all the goodies and drinks from our many beverage stands and kiosks.
There will be plenty of fantastic photo opportunities during your visit to Australia Zoo, so make sure you bring your camera. Don't forget to also bring extra film/memory cards and batteries so that you don't miss out on any of the action. We also have our very own Photo Lab here at Australia Zoo, where you can purchase film, memory cards, plus digital and disposable cameras. During your day you may get snapped by one of our professional photographers, these photos are available for purchase from the Photo Lab.
Clothes & Shoes
There is a lot to see and do at Australia Zoo and there will be plenty of walking involved, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and sensible shoes. You may also want to bring a jumper as the afternoons can get quite cool, especially during the winter months.
There are stacks of wildlife shows and hand-feeding opportunities on throughout the day, so bring a watch so you don't miss any of the action.
Even though we have ATMs and EFTPOS facilities, it is still advisable to bring some cash with you. Our kiosks only accept cash, as does the Kids Zoo, where you can purchase animal food.

What NOT to bring when visiting Australia Zoo

Domestic Animals
Australia Zoo does not allow domestic animals onto its premises, so please ensure that you leave your pets at home.
Australia Zoo is an alcohol-free zone, so please do not bring any alcohol into the Zoo.
Animal Food
Please feed our wildlife the correct food and do not bring your own food! Animal food is available from the Kids Zoo and Kids Shop.

Services and Facilities

Share your Australia Zoo experience with friends and family by taking advantage of Australia Zoo's FREE Wifi service! Available in the Food Court, Crocoseum and at Admissions.

  • Facilities Accessibility
  • Disabled parking
  • Disabled amenities
  • Wheelchair hire ($12) - limited numbers, bookings essential
  • Motorised scooter hire ($25) - limited numbers, bookings essential
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator
  • Guide/Service dogs are permitted with prior arrangement. Telephone 5436 2000 to inquire
  • Ramps, pathway and enclosures are designed to be accessible by most transport aids
  • Designated wheelchairs access in the Crocoseum
  • Free admission for carers with government issued companion cards who will be performing this role during their visit
  • 20% off admission for the holder of a business carer's discount card
  • Safari Shuttle and buses are wheelchair accessible
  • Guest Services Guest Services
  • The Irwin family, management and staff at Australia Zoo are committed to ensuring that your experience with us is exactly that – not just a day at the Zoo, but a complete experience! Check out our extensive list of additional services to help plan your ideal Australia Zoo adventure.
  • Online ticket sales
  • Lost property identification and delivery
  • Lost children recovery
  • Group bookings discount & greeting
  • Postage stamps for sale
  • Pram hire ($14 single)
  • Tag-along wagon hire ($14)
  • Wheelchair hire ($12)
  • Motorised scooter hire ($25)
  • Four retail outlets featuring Crocodile Hunter and Australia Zoo merchandise, Australian-made souvenirs and Steve Lives Surf Wear, Terri's Cougar Collection, Bindi Wear and Tigers Togs clothing ranges
  • Locker Hire
  • Small Lockers $8.00 Per Day, $5.00 Per 4 hours
  • Medium Lockers $12.00 Per Day, $8.00 Per 4 hours
  • Large Lockers $15.00 Per Day, $10.00 Per 4 hours
  • Guest Services Facilities
  • Free car parking
  • EFTPOS and ATMs
  • Parents' nursing rooms
  • Toddler seats in bathroom stalls for parents' convenience
  • FREE rides, including a jumping castle and teacup ride
  • Two shaded playgrounds
  • Drinking fountains
  • Phone card and coin-operated telephones
  • Photography Photography
  • Photography Lab
  • Wildlife Photography Studio
  • Green Screen Studio
  • Dining Dining
  • Two-storey, 1500-seat, open-air Feeding Frenzy Foodcourt
  • Dingo Diner
  • Three kiosks
  • Beverage and ice cream vendors throughout Zoo grounds
  • Drink and confectionary machines
  • Transport Transport
  • Coach Pickup Service transferring passengers throughout the Sunshine Coast
  • FREE coach pickup from nearby train stations. Beerwah & Landsborough
  • Steve's Safari Shuttle for internal transport, hosted by friendly and knowledgeable guides
  • Medical Medical
  • Team of mobile First Aid Officers
  • First Aid vehicle for quick on-site transport
  • First Aid room
  • Highly trained emergency response team
  • Information Information
  • Information Desk offering information on Australia Zoo, the local area and other Queensland attractions
  • Complimentary map of Australia Zoo/information brochure on arrival
  • Directional and informational signage throughout Zoo

Climate Information

Check out the climate information below to help you decide the best time of year for you to visit us.

View temperatures in

red = highest value   blue = lowest value

Mean max temp The average daily maximum air temperature, for each month and as an annual statistic, calculated over all years of record.28.883.827.982.226.980.424.776.521.670.919.266.619.266.620.969.623.975.026.078.527.882.029.084.2
Highest temp The highest (by month and overall) maximum air temperature observed at the site.39.5103.136.597.735.595.933.592.327.581.525.077.030.887.430.586.934.594.139.0102.238.5101.340.0104
Mean min temp The long-term average daily minimum air temperature observed during a calendar month and over the year.18.665.518.865.817.463.314.457.911.652.97.745.
Lowest temp The lowest recorded temperature observed at the site, calculated over all years of record.11.452.512.053.610.
Mean rainfall (mm) The arithmetically averaged total amount of precipitation recorded during a calendar month or year. Both mean and median (decile 5) rainfall are included in these statistics, although from the meteorological point of view the median is usually the preferred measure of 'average' or 'typical' rainfall. This is because of the high variability of daily rainfall - one extreme rainfall event (such as a slowly moving, severe thunderstorm) will have less affect on the median than it will have on the arithmetic mean.235.6306.2225.1191.9167.883.096.853.150.8101.1150.5171.1

Climate information provided by the Australian Government - Bureau of Meteorology website Crohamhurst is used as the nearest proximate climate data site.

Australia Zoo advises that this climate information should be used only as a guide for current weather conditions.