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Current Trackers

Australia Zoo and The University of Queensland are currently undertaking the largest crocodile research project in the world. Since 2008, this annual crocodile research trip has been conducted on the Wenlock River from a research base on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Cape York, Far North Queensland.

The experienced Australia Zoo team, trained using techniques developed by Steve Irwin, capture the crocodiles while the UQ scientists carry out their research, take measurements, and attach trackers to the animal. Every crocodile gets fitted with an acoustic tag, which sends information to our receivers for up to 10 years, and for those that are big enough, a GPS tracker is also fitted to help us to better track the crocs’ movements, sending data for around one year.

These specialised tracking devices allow us to gain valuable information about the movements and behavioural patterns of adult estuarine crocodiles. Once the appropriate device has been fitted, the crocodile is released back into the river system where we eagerly monitor their activity.

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