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CRIKEY! We are gearing up for Australia Zoo’s annual crocodile Research trip on the stunning Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. We are calling on you to help us in this vital research to find out more about these incredible animals and how best to manage and work with communities living alongside estuarine crocodiles.

We are requesting your support in making a donation or donating food or materials for this important research for the benefit of our future generations. To make a donation or to find out more information please call Australia Zoo on 07 5436 2000 or email

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2012 Croc Movements
Follow the movements of some of the crocs tagged in 2012!

Steve Irwin began crocodile research in the 1980s. His capture and study techniques remain the world's best to this day.

Today, Australia Zoo, in partnership with the University of Queensland (UQ) and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, are making monumental strides in the field of crocodilian research and conservation. This world renowned research project includes:

  • Capturing, tagging and tracking crocodiles in the Wenlock River with GPS Satellite transmitters
  • Monitoring crocodile behaviour, their position and physiology
  • Vital research uncovering the distances crocodiles move, their ability to return to their habitat after relocation and revolutionary findings on their ability to remain submerged, and their behaviour during flood events
  • Findings critical to managing the co-existence of crocodiles and people

Research Information & Photos

steve croc trapping

Satellite Tracking of Estuarine Crocodiles

During August 2010, thirteen estuarine crocodiles were captured in the Wenlock River and fitted with GPS-Satellite transmitters. These transmitters record the animal's position and are accurate to less than 10 m. Data are transmitted by satellite back to our laboratory, where they are converted and displayed on Google Earth.

This research is a collaboration between The University of Queensland and Australia Zoo. It is supported by funding from an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, Australia Zoo and a donation from Greg Norman.

Read more from Australia Zoo's Crocodile Tracking project, from 2007 to the present. See the movements of the latest crocs to be tagged in 2012

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Sponsor a crocodile and get exclusive naming rights to one of the crocs caught on our next research trip. For more information about sponsoring and naming your own crocodile download the PDF.

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