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Australia Zoo’s wombat joey joy!

18 October 2016

We're over the moon to announce the arrival of one of Australia's cutest native marsupials, a wombat! A healthy baby girl was born on New Year's Day and has been growing steadily in her mum Poa's pouch before finally emerging recently for her first...

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Become a Wildlife Warrior today!

14 October 2016

It's time to turn the page for our wildlife, are you ready for a challenge? Read as many books as you can between 15 October and 15 November to help Wildlife Warriors save our wildlife! With every page you turn, you're helping an animal in need....

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How to be safe and aware this snake season!

7 October 2016

With the weather warming up and breeding season underway, snakes are on the move and extremely active where they live. Just like any other reptile, snakes are ectothermic which means they need the sun to regulate their body temperature...

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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital prepares for yearly admission peak

30 September 2016

Clinging to a plush toy in the absence of his mum, Shayne the koala joey is just one of the many innocent victims of this year's Trauma Season; the busiest, most confronting time of year at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. During the warmer...

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Baby lemurs starting to move it move it at Australia Zoo!

19 September 2016

Australia Zoo is incredibly proud to announce the birth of two ring-tailed lemurs, the first to be born at the Zoo! Spindles the ring-tailed lemur, has safely given birth to her first twin babies after waiting a short 4 months with dad Rahona, who...

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Uncover Robert’s mystery at Australia Zoo these spring holidays!

15 September 2016

Spring has sprung, and Australia Zoo is inviting all families to bring their kids to join in on the spring holiday fun! Guests will be taken on an adventure, visiting a range of different animals when completing Robert's Treasure Hunt! From...

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Bowie the koala released back into the wild!

9 September 2016

After garnering worldwide attention when images were released of her different coloured eyes, Bowie the koala has now been released back to the wild near Brendale in Queensland, where she was originally found. Bowie was hit by a car and taken to...

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Join us at Australia Zoo for Father's Day!

31 August 2016

Treat your dad to an action packed day out this Father's Day at Australia Zoo! The ultimate hotspot for wild adventures, Australia Zoo is upping the ante with the help of some other rad dads including, Daniel Merrett, Mitch Robinson and Trent West...

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Three cheers for Hunter and Clarence’s third year!

25 August 2016

Australia Zoo's famous twin brothers, Hunter and Clarence have celebrated their third birthday! For their special day, Hunter and Clarence enjoyed ice cream cakes and balloons, along with every cat's favourite toy; empty boxes that were wrapped...

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Attention Trainers, be prepared for the ultimate battle at Australia Zoo’s Pokévent this Sunday!

18 August 2016

Poké-animals are out and about, and we need your help to catch them all! With a craze that has taken over the world, Trainers from all over have been visiting the Zoo to try and catch our animals' digital counterparts. Australia Zoo has 22...

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